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tv   Eyewitness News at 11  CBS  February 11, 2017 11:00pm-11:36pm EST

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live from the cbs broadcast center informed. this is cbs3 "eyewitness news." remembering a hero. friends and family bid a final farewell to a delaware correctional officer killed in the line of duty. i'm natasha brown, thanks for joining us. steven floyd was the first correctional officer to die in the line duty in the state of delaware. "eyewitness news" cleve bryan a live in the cbs3 stat center. more now on how he was remembered today. cleve. >> reporter: lieutenant floyd lost his life while possibly saving others during a prison riot and today, family, friend and colleagues say good-bye. >> in life, he was a father, friend and mentor. in death, a hero. steven floyd was killed when he and two other correctional officers as well as a counselor were taken hostage by inmates at a maximum security prison. died after warning others of an
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ambush. >> they put him into a closet. the observe said come in. lieutenant come into the building. and sergeant floyd yelled to them and told them it was a trap. get out >> floyd remembered saturday during a private funeral at delaware state >> we mourn with the floyd family and we consider them one of ours because steven floyd was a father. he got two daughter, one that's currently in school here. one who graduated from delaware state >> there was a large turn-out by fellow members of law enforcement throughout the country. >> it's important that members of the law enforcement family stick together and show support in troubling time. state police are still investigating who killed floyd, questioning more than 120 inmates. in the days after his death, his family was given a male of valor and during an emotional vigil, he gave the community a glimpse into the psychological torment
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of a standoff that lasted nearly a day and ended floyd's life. >> on tuesday, delaware governor is expected to they mean who he hopes will leave the independent review of the prison incident. in the stat center, cleve bryan cbs3 "eyewitness news" >> thank you. also tonight, the community gathered for a candle vigil of winnie harris. shot and killed in her holly street home last week. harris was the executive director at uc green, a nonprofit. so far police have not made arrests. harris funeral will be at christ community church in university city on monday. also tonight, we remember a local retail legend, albert boscov died less than two weeks after announcing he had cancer. the family decided department schools generations
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hoff. >> reporter: big and sometimes whimsy ankle. he got his family's store on to a map and grew it employing over seven how to. lisa was one of those employees. >> he knew everyone. walked around and that is the type of man he is. >> albert known passed away just days after announcing his battle with pancreatic cancer. he was y. that news brought her to tears. >> my god. >> reporter: the story of the nation's longest running family owned department store begins with solomon, a russian jewish immigrant who arrived to the u.s. in 1911 detecting unsuccessfully to sell lemon >> just 1.37 in his pocket, he took a risk and open add small dry good store in reading. this would become the site of
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the first boscov. >> albert joined his father's business in the mid 1950's. credited with spearheading its rapid expansion, resurrecting it from two major fires and reviving the company in 2008. >> everybody in the community has loved him. he's given back so much. >> reporter: albert's daughter ellen wrote. my dad's spirit, light, love and laughter will be working to help this make this world a better place, in a tearful speech in 2013, the boscov chair were called to request by his father act man who dealt in lemons in a country that fostered lemonade and by his statue in downtown reading, the community says thank you. >> he is reading. >> alexandria hoff, cbs3 "eyewitness news." we do have an update for you now on a story that we've been following since last night, cumberland county identified the
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man. the prosecutor's office says the officer shot the man after a foot chase. police found a gun near the victim but they have not said why they were chasing him or if he fired shots. philadelphia police officer is lucky to have alive following a frightening encounter with an suv in west philly. police watched a ford explore re strike a parked car. officers approached the car to check for injuries and according to police, officer hollis was standing on the suv running board at the time to avoid traffic when the driver suddenly took off. driving four blocks while the officer held on. eventually, that officer was able to jump to safety. he has injuries to his hands and legs. the suv meantime has been impounded but no arrests just yet. police arrived just in the nick of time to save a motorist from sewell gloucester county. they pulled him to safety seconds before his vehicle
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exploded after it crashed in florida. all of it was captured on camera. with no hesitation and no time to lose. first responders in florida pulled a new jersey from a burning vehicle just before what might have been a deadly explosion. police say thursday night, 44-year-old phillip veered his rav had off u.s. 1 and into a concrete barrier causing to it flip several times. new dashcam video shows rescuers pulling him to safety while his leg was still on fire. he was air lifted to the hospital without giving details. authorities describe his injuries as serious. witnesses say it's a miracle this he will lived. >> it's unbelievable considering the car hit that, went over the barricade and was laying on its side >> proud of our officers responding to quickly and saving that is man's life
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>> we have reached out to him and his family, so far there's no word if he's returned to new jersey just yet. divers find the cab of a tractor-trailer that plunged off of a chesapeake bridge in virginia. joseph chin lost control of the rig while trying to pass another tractor-trailer on thursday. the navy rescue chin from his trailer but he did die on the way to the hospital. police are hoping the truck's black box will help them learn more about how this crash happened. wild wind in wyoming wind blowing over the 18 wheeler. no officers were in the car at the time. and no one was injured. wind were gusting about 70 miles an hour when that happened. immigration raid got underway across the country this week. ice agents hauled away hundreds of folks. about 160 of those arrests
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happened in los angeles. where raised were carried out in six southern california counties. according to the la ice director, those arrested were criminals and people with outstanding deportation orders >> should also know that if they're out of status, things are changing, and ice agents will take a hard look at them and possibly take them into custody >> the actions are the first concerted efforts by ice under trump to arrest targeted undocumented immigrants for deportation. in other raised sparked outrage in washington, dc this afternoon. hundreds of demonstrators gather to do the white house holding sign the and chanting here to stay. speakers every now and again voicing concerns friends and family could soon become put targets of federal immigration agents. the group blocked traffic as the sun set on the protesters.
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ruralities also held around the country today against planned parenthood, anti-abortion activists are calling for the government to cut off payments to planned parenthood. some cities counter protests have dwarfed the demonstrations. the organization is reimbursed by made a for other services like birth control and cancer screenings. . president trump and gentleman's's prime minister shinzo abe are spending the weekend in florida discussing trade, also shared security interest is as well. they had dinner at the president's estate tonight. the prime minister called a new ballistic missile test by north korea absolutely intolerable. the leaders played golf while first lady and the wife toured a japanese garden in dell ray beach. >> it's shaping up to be a half half weekend. mild today. lauren, i hear we're going to need the umbrella >> unfortunately the nice half has passed.
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i'll let you know when we can see the steadiest rain and what part can see ice accumulations coming up in your "eyewitness news" weather. >> and talk about a lucky shot here. a florida golfer uses his golf swing to escape the jaws of an alligator. what happened after he heard a splash in the water on the fourth hole. disney is going to be a bit more expensive to visit the happier place on earth you're
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delaware pumpkin chunk incompetition will return following an accident at the annual event that launched last year. a woman was critically injured by a piece of metal when an air canon trap door ripped off the machine while firing a pumpkin. organizers say it will be held the weekend of november 3rd. 's check this out. a florida golfer makes the shot of his life, used his putter to scrape the grip of an all gator.
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he was playing at a country club wednesday when he heard a splash at the fourth hole. he said the gator grabbed his ankle, pulled him down and rolled into the water. the gator let go ultimately after he was jabbed in the eyew with a putter. the gator was caught and had to be put down. spending time in happiest place on earth will be little more expensive than it used to be. disney raising prices for its u.s. parks. single day passes to the kingdom will cost up to five extra dollars with top tickets going for $124. you'll have to pay up to $869 for annual passes at wallet disney world, that's an increase of about $40. where will you be watching the grammy rewards? you can tune in tomorrow night at cbs3.
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♪ seven time grammy winner kerry under wood and keith urban are gearing up for the biggest night. seen in rehearsals. you don't want to miss any grammy moments. show starts at 8:00 here on cbs3 and followed by "eyewitness news." philadelphia as you know no stranger to the stars between movie and tv shoots. celebrities are here all the time. tomorrow after the grammies vittoria woodill heads out to the pat paparazzi in search of stars around time. the scene untouchable being filmed in the city, it's go time for hugh with dillon, the photographer and columnist who prides himself as being a nice guy. an expert finding out where the stars are hanging out >> looks like it's a cargo van
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but it's a full-size jet >> he's pumping iron on broad street >> his expertise pace off. see what happens when he spend the day with him and catch a celebrity on the city streets aged the grammys only he on cbs3. young gymnist are giving back this weekend. star bound gymnastic academy presented children hop of philadelphia with a check for $21,000. in bridgeton, money will be used for hospital's child life fund provides activities for children who have to stay in the hospital for an extended period of time. they raised the money in atlantic city. also drexel medical students traded in their lab coats for instrument to say tonight. they took the stage and showed off their talents to raise money for the care of pediatric hiv aids patients. drexel university college of
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medicine 24th annual concert on campus. all the money raised will go to the dorothyman center for pediatric and adolescents. it looked really good today at least for a moment. >> it's always a good thing. >> saw some sun, temperatures in the middle 50's. more than ten degrees above average. things are changing hope you enjoyed it. it's over now. >> let's get right to it. that's what you do. keep it real >> we have a little bit of rain and ice across the area, i'm sorry. 46 degrees right now as we get a live look at center city philadelphia. winds out of the northeast around 7:00. feeling more like 42 at this hour and temperatures are in the 30's, lehigh valley 20's in the poconos, middle 40's down the shore, not too bad considering. we're still in winter. stormscan 3 showing us returns
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down the shore right now, moisture is not getting the surface, but we're seeing the atmosphere start to saturate in preparation for our rain chance tomorrow and we do have moisture up wind association with an area of low pressure that's going to be moving through our neck of the woods as we head throughout the day. periods of rain, steady in the morning, heavier possibilities of rain, possible as well and areas of dense fog across portions of the area throughout the day. you're going to see a warm front but not going to clear. it's going to stop around center city before the cold front comes through. so temperatures big gradient 60's in southern delaware to 20's in the poconos. we'll be somewhere in the middle in center city with temperatures going mid 40's but i'ming have a little bit of a confidence issue, we're not going to make it there the warm front stopping to the south, the winter weather advisory is in effect. berks county upper bucks, lehigh valley and poconos tonight through much of sunday as well because of those colder temperatures and the moisture moving through in these areas
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we're going to see prolonged periods of freezing rain going to be the main threat. could see snow. but that threat is low. wind will pick up at night. we see ice accumulation and winds pick up that's when we start to see down branches, trees and wires as well as we do have a high icing threat and even a little bit of ice. freezing rain possibly mixed with snow and sleet. we could see ice accumulations of a quarter of an or more locally. once we get to a quart of an inch, the ice starts to pile up and plan for possibly outages due to the ice accumulation. area of low pressure moves through tomorrow clears out as we head to monday high pressure builds in. wind gusts potential to 50 miles per hour on monday, tuesday things quiet down as high
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pressure gets closer, sunshine in store for valentine's day. everyone favoritely hollywood, as we head into tonight. areas of rain and low temperature 40 as we head to tomorrow. steady rain likely in the morning, damp with fog, high temperature at 44. across the poconoses chance of freezing rain and sleet, periods of rain down the shore, more mild with high temperatures near 50 and on monday, big story going to be the strong wind if you have outdoor lawn chairs bring those in. tuesday 48. sunshine for valentine's day. 46 on wednesday, possibly a passing rain or snow shower. lend chillier by thursday. high temperature struggles to 40 degrees. kidding about valentine's day. your favorite holiday. >> i don't like it at all. >> all right then. >> what's going on >> there you go. >> valentine's day
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>> flyers have been struggle and looking to end the three-game losing streak. jay wright goes for his 500th career win and joel embiid knee injury little bit more
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joel embiid said he was not healthy, he had a left knee bone bruise. there is another problem. he apparently has a miner tear, he injured it against portland. he missed 12 out of the last 13. the team will not operate on the knee and does not know when joel will, back. >> the mri revealed what we thought to be a bone bruise and there was also the recognition that there was a very miles an hour minute in his cal tear, but
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it was not thought to be acute and not thought to be the source of the pain inflammation >> miami beat the sixers by 23 last week, sixers up by two, baseline and throws it down. sixers with the four point lead. in the third quarter, sixers in control. nerlens noel with the steal. 11 point needs, 19 point the dario saruc hit the foul line jumper and the sixers 13-game winning streak 117-109. the last game of the home stand, the orange and black looking to end a three-game losing stream. neuvirth got the start in the orange and black. going into the third and the mcdonald shot went off the post. his shot will be the flyers will
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take the lead with that. three minutes later. sharks get back into the game. patrick mel lo, with the steal. he shot one off right on into the net. flyers end the three-game losing streak 2-1. >> i was just trying to go full speed and put the puck in the net. we played great game. starting in the net and going out and every single guy on the team. >> about a month away from march madness. the n c a a. the tournament started today. the wildcats will be the number one overall seed this afternoon the second ranked cats took on xavier. jay wright going for his 500th career win. brunson drives down and scores. cats by 13, brunson scores 17.
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next possession josh hart. knocks. and cats up by a baker's dozen, dante scoring 17 points. heart drives and scores. the defenses on the night. 73-57, the final. >> nice. >> thank you lesley, video taken at a zoo goes viral because the tigers are packing on the pounds, zoo officials say they're not too conce
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pennsylvania convention center is buzzing this weekend. hundreds of world's best artists are taking part in the 19th annual tattoo arts convention. we saw a lot of folks getting new ink and old ink too. local tattoo shops and you might spot celebrities. the convention runs through this sunday. it's called new ink. you would never want old ink. >> no,
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those tigers are a little pumped. the tigers were caught on camera looking well, fed. the images went viral more than 8,000 shares, not everyone likes what they say. they say the big cats are at an unhealthy wait. all tigers get heavier in the winter but are perfectly happy >> i believe the one was caught at a bad angle. >> it's filtered. >> not everyone has that, that's
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"eyewitness news." >> not everyone has that, that's "eyewitness news." i'm natasha brown, we appreci a special thanks to all those who volunteered at st. anthony's bread line during the week. a reminder that the ladies auxiliary will be having their bake sale this sunday, and a special collection box has been set up in the back of the church to replace the money that was stolen from the rectory after last week's mass. may almighty god bless you, in the name of the father, the son and the holy spirit. amen. mass has ended, go in peace. did you know about that? no. (organ playing) (bells chiming)


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